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“Theta: The Revolutionary Modular Travel Tripod by Benro Takes Kickstarter by Storm”

Benro Theta: The Ultimate Intelligent Travel Tripod

Benro Theta is the latest innovation in the world of travel tripods. The company has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for this product, which is designed to cater to the needs of globe-trotters and adventure lovers who are always on the go.

Theta is not just any other tripod available in the market. It comes with some unique and interesting features that take your photography experience to the next level. With Theta, you can capture your images quickly and efficiently, even in the most difficult terrain and ground.

Key Features and Functions:

Smart Leveling:

Theta comes with a smart leveling function that saves you time and effort. You don’t need to find a flat surface or manually adjust your tripod to get a straight shot. To level your Theta, you need to keep the camera level on the ball head. The Theta ball head has a locking system that allows it to be aligned with the tripod at all times and can be switched between free mode and roll lock mode.

Lightweight, Compact, and Stable:

Theta is designed to be both stable and portable. The company used structural optimization of the central shaft to have zero wasted space while maintaining a round tube design. This increased the stability and capacity of the tripod, which weighs just 1.25 kg and comes to 44cm in size when folded.

Single-Step Camera Mounting:

Theta comes with an automatic snap-lock mechanism that helps you mount your camera quickly and safely, with a single click. You can also remove or unmount your camera with a single click.

Other Interesting Features:

  • 10-second deployment and storage
  • Aluminum casting for durability and longevity
  • Carbon fiber legs increase sturdiness and can be used in water
  • Compatible with Arca Swiss plates and L brackets
  • Anti-slip leg locking mechanism
  • Perfectly stable in different terrains and weather conditions like light rain and wind, sand, water, etc
  • Theta App – To remotely frame and control the camera
  • Auto-detect ambient light – allows the camera module to determine optimal exposure settings
  • Live stream in high quality using Theta’s GoLive module

Benro has also created an advanced version of Theta called Theta Max, a heavy-duty travel tripod for professionals who carry heavy and bulky cameras. For more information on Theta and Theta Max, check out the Kickstarter campaign page here.

Benro Theta is priced at $599 per unit. However, under the early bird offer, the brand is offering a whopping 42% discount to its backers. Thus, you can get this tripod for as low as $349 only.

About Benro:

Benro has been designing and manufacturing tripods for the last thirty years. The brand makes the most basic camera tripods to advanced products like the Polaris Smart Tripod Head and Theta Smart Tripod.

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