Top 4 Selfie Camera Phones in 2023: S23 Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro, and OnePlus 11 Compared

Which Phone Takes the Best Selfies? A Comparison of Four Flagship Phones in 2023

Selfie cameras have become increasingly important in recent years, whether it’s for sharing fun selfies with friends and loved ones, video conferencing, or other purposes. In this article, we compare four of the most popular flagship phones in 2023 to determine which one takes the best selfies.

Front Camera Hardware

While phones used to have two selfie cameras, most phone makers now use one wider camera and crop into it to provide a close-up view when taking selfies. Here’s a quick recap of the basic camera specs we’re dealing with:

Group Shots

A Wider Selfie Camera Helps

When taking selfies with friends and family, a wider camera is essential to fit more people into the shot. The Google Pixel 7 Pro has a noticeably wider field of view than the other phones, making it the best choice for larger groups. However, the Pixel shots tend to have darker exposure and some issues with skin tones. For consistent skin tones, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best option.

Selfies in Good Light

Skin Tones and White Balance Play a Key Role

All four phones do a good job with dynamic range, but the Pixel shots tend to be darker than the others. The iPhone also struggles with skin tones, capturing a ghostly color in some shots. The Galaxy and OnePlus perform the best in terms of pleasing skin tones, dynamic range, exposure, and overall colors.

Selfies in Low Light

Huge Differences

There are significant differences in the quality of selfies in low light. The iPhone and Pixel perform poorly with skin tones, while the Galaxy produces the most natural-looking shots. The iPhone struggles with white balance and exposure, while the Pixel tends to make faces look ghostly.


Who’s the Winner?

Overall, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the most consistent and best-performing phone for selfies. It captures the most realistic skin tones and maintains good dynamic range, white balance, exposure, and color accuracy. The OnePlus 11 is a close second, consistently capturing pleasing skin tones with a slightly softer look that works well with human faces. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro rank third and fourth, respectively, due to their struggles with skin tones and exposure.

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