Entry Level Camera Battle: Galaxy S23 vs iPhone 14 vs Pixel 7

When it comes to choosing a new smartphone, battery life and camera quality are two of the most important factors to consider. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which phone is the best fit for your needs. In this article, we’ll compare the camera specs and performance of the Samsung Galaxy S23, iPhone 14, and Google Pixel 7.


Samsung’s “non-Pro” flagship, the Galaxy S23, boasts a full-functioning triple camera module with wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses. In contrast, the iPhone 14 and Pixel 7 only offer dual lens setups with wide and ultra-wide lenses.

Main Camera:

In terms of color saturation, the Galaxy S23 tends to amp up colors, while the Pixel 7 can appear a bit dull. The iPhone 14 falls somewhere in the middle and offers the brightest exposure. However, all three phones do a good job of maintaining detail without excessive oversharpening.

Tricky Scenes:

In challenging lighting situations, such as a bright foreground or a scene with bright spots and dark shadows, all three phones perform well. However, the Galaxy S23 may be a bit too bright in some situations, while the iPhone 14 can oversharpen images. The Pixel 7 does a great job with colors and details, but may crush shadows slightly.


Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S23’s triple camera module gives it an advantage over the dual lens setups of the iPhone 14 and Pixel 7. However, all three phones offer impressive camera performance and are suitable for most users. When choosing a new smartphone, consider your specific needs and preferences to determine which phone is the best fit for you.In this article, we will be comparing the camera performance of three popular smartphones: the Galaxy S23, Pixel 7, and iPhone 14. We will be looking at how these phones handle different lighting situations and how they capture details and colors.

Outdoor shots

When it comes to outdoor shots, all three phones perform well. However, the iPhone 14 stands out with its balanced dynamics, colors, and sharpness. The Pixel 7 tends to make everything appear too blue, while the Galaxy S23’s colors can be a bit overboard.

Low light

In low light situations, the Galaxy S23 flattens dynamics to give you the most detail around light sources and avoid burnouts. However, it’s not entirely accurate in some scenes. The Pixel 7 tends to overshoot colors, while the iPhone 14 has a yellow cast and soft details.

Ultra-wide camera

The ultra-wide camera is a challenging shot, but all three phones perform well. The Pixel 7 has the best detail sharpness, while the Galaxy S23 provides a striking contrast-y look. The iPhone 14’s colors may come out pale, but its F2.4 aperture provides a deeper depth of field.


Overall, all three phones perform well in different situations. The Galaxy S23 sits comfortably in the middle, providing a balanced shot. The iPhone 14 has the best outdoor performance, while the Pixel 7 has the best detail sharpness. When it comes to the ultra-wide camera, it’s a pretty even performance all around.

Telephoto and Zoom: Which Phone Takes the Best Shots?

When it comes to zooming capabilities, the Galaxy S23 stands out with its dedicated zoom camera that can go up to 30x zoom. In comparison, the iPhone 14 only offers 5x digital zoom, while the Pixel 7 goes up to 8x. However, when zooming in with the main camera, the Pixel 7 surprisingly outperformed the Galaxy S23 in terms of details and exposure. The iPhone 14 did well with exposure and dynamics, but lacked sharpness and had some noise.

5x Zoom Comparison

At 5x zoom, the Galaxy S23 takes the lead with its oversharpened yet detailed shot. The iPhone 14 looks soft and loses most details, while the Pixel 7 manages to keep it together with a soft yet detailed shot.

3x Zoom Comparison

At 3x zoom, the Galaxy S23’s dedicated lens provides the most natural details, followed by the Pixel 7 powered by AI. The iPhone 14, on the other hand, produces a lot of noise and a greenish cast with the softest details.

Portrait Mode: Which Phone Does it Best?

Portrait mode has become a standard feature, but different manufacturers implement it differently. The Galaxy S23 has a telephoto lens for less distorted facial features, while the iPhone 14 only offers wide and ultra-wide cameras. The Pixel 7 crops into its main camera to simulate a telephoto and digitally zooms in further.

In terms of color, the Galaxy S23 produces great results, but struggles with subject separation in some cases. The iPhone 14 does better with depth of blur, but still has some jagged lines where the algorithm struggled. The Pixel 7 excels in color, exposure, and subject separation, even in its “wide” portrait setting.

Overall, the Galaxy S23 is the clear winner in zooming capabilities, while the Pixel 7 shines in portrait mode. The iPhone 14 falls short in both categories.

Camera Comparison: Galaxy S23 vs iPhone 14 vs Pixel 7

Are you in the market for a new smartphone with a great camera? Look no further than the Galaxy S23, iPhone 14, and Pixel 7. We put these three phones to the test to see which one comes out on top.

Daytime Shots

The depth effect, subject separation, colors, and exposure look great on all three phones. The iPhone’s details are only slightly softer, but we have to get nitpicky. The Pixel 7 portrait is also not bad at all, but the bokeh is less convincing. Overall, all three phones did a fantastic job.

Zoom Crop-In

Both the Galaxy S23 and Pixel 7 did a great job with the zoom crop-in, but you can definitely see that the Galaxy S23’s details are much smoother thanks to its optical zoom. The Pixel 7 goes in digitally for that closed shot, and you can tell. But exposure, colors, and background separation are great on both samples. All three phones did great with subject-background separation here, though the Pixel 7 did drop the ball a little.

Zoomed-In Portrait

This is a zoomed-in portrait, so no iPhone here. Both phones were quite challenged by the lack of lighting here and the Galaxy photo looks very, very soft. The Pixel did get sharper details, but missed the colors of the background. We still have to give it to the Pixel here for the details, though.

Wide Portrait

The Pixel 7 got tripped up again, a part of the background visible through the subject’s arm is not blurred. That aside, we really like the colors and contrast from the Pixel 7 here — good balance for a dramatic portrait shot. The Galaxy S23 went for something similar, but it got spoiled by a yellow-ish cast. The iPhone shot doesn’t strike us with anything in particular, though its faux bokeh does appear the most convincing here.


Surprisingly, the Galaxy S23’s camera often wows us. However, in this comparison, we found ourselves liking the output of the Pixel 7’s camera more often. It does lack that telephoto lens, so it loses out on some nifty tricks when you go in for portraits or enhancements. But for a “pick up and shoot” camera, we feel the Pixel 7 was much more consistent across the daytime samples.

For night photos, we lean towards the Galaxy S23 and iPhone 14 here. And yeah, the iPhone 14 did consistently give us the softer details and maybe the occasional underexposed shot. But, it was quite often giving us a balancing act between compromise and photo quality. Let’s say — it had the least offensive results from every test.

Is there a “best” one in this competition? We are leaning towards the Pixel 7 but it did fail us on a couple of night shots. The Galaxy S23 most often goes and tries to achieve a “wow factor”, but in doing so overshoots with color saturation. And the iPhone 14 is sometimes playing it just too “safe”, so it can either give you a perfectly balanced shot or land on “uninspiring”.

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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