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Discover and Spread Vintage Reels on Instagram Using the Latest “Share Updates” Functionality

Instagram’s Latest Shares Feature Simplifies Finding and Resharing Reels

Instagram is currently beta testing a new feature called “Latest Shares” that will make it easier for users to find and reshare Reels that were previously sent in Direct Messages. The feature was initially leaked on Twitter and later confirmed by a Meta spokesperson to TechCrunch. According to Turkish tipster “Dijital Ağlar,” the feature will display recently shared Reels on the DM page, with a “Latest Shares” row at the top of the menu. Each recently shared Reel will be accompanied by a circular avatar, likely representing the friend who shared it. If a short video is shared multiple times, it will only appear once, with the avatar of the most recent recipient.

It is unclear whether the “Latest Shares” feature will include non-Reels posts or other Reels not shared by or with the user. There is also no word on when the feature will be released to Instagram users or a larger group of testers. Instagram has been focusing on short videos to compete with TikTok, a rival short-video sharing platform. The company has announced that video posts shorter than 15 minutes will be shared as Reels, providing a full-screen, immersive experience for users. This also broadens the range of collaborative features, like Remix on Reels, to encompass any user-uploaded videos.

The “Latest Shares” feature could greatly improve the user experience for finding and resharing older Reels sent in Direct Messages. Although the exact release date remains unknown, this development highlights Instagram’s ongoing dedication to enhancing its platform and remaining competitive in the short video sharing market.


(via Tech Leaks)

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