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Camera Blur Issue Frustrates Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus Users

Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus Owners Report Camera Blur Problem

samsung galaxy S23 plus camera rear

Ryan Whitwam / Android Authority


  • Some Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus owners are reporting a camera blur problem.
  • Affected users report a ring- or banana-shaped area of blur in photos.
  • This issue could be due to a lens problem on some handsets.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus bring a few software-driven camera improvements. However, it looks like some owners of these handsets have noticed a rather annoying issue.

The Camera Blur Problem

This doesn’t appear to simply be a depth-of-field effect, where subjects/objects in the distance are blurred. Instead, we’re seeing a banana- or ring-shaped blurry area emerging when taking photos of documents and text on a screen. The issue isn’t restricted to photos of documents and text, either. Check out image samples highlighting the problem below.

Possible Cause of the Issue

It’s believed that the issue could be related to the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus camera lenses. It’s not uncommon to see blur with some wide and ultrawide cameras. However, this softness is usually confined to the corners of the image as light is effectively bended by the lens at the edges to capture the entire scene.

Possible Remedy

So what’s the remedy, then? Well, it seems like you might want to swap your device or have the camera lenses replaced if your phone has the issue. But some forum-goers have reported that their devices are working just fine. This suggests that we could be looking at a manufacturing issue confined to certain factories/suppliers rather than a software problem.

Contacting Samsung Representatives

In any event, we’ve contacted Samsung representatives for comment regarding the issue and potential remedies. We’ll update the article if/when the company has an answer for us.

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