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Save $240 on Longer Ray5 10W Laser Engraving Machine

Get $240 Discount on Longer Ray5 10W Laser Engraver

Longer, the Chinese technology brand known for their 3D printers and engravers, is offering a massive discount on their best-selling Ray5 10W Laser Engraver. Originally priced at $649.99, the engraver is now available for only $409.99. But hurry, this flash sale ends on March 17.

A Powerful Cutter and Engraver

The Ray5 10W Laser Engraver is a cost-effective engraver that can be used on various materials such as wood, acrylic, stainless steel, leather, silver, and more. It features dual beam technology and a 10W intense laser that can easily cut through hard materials like wood. It can cut a 0.8”/20mm thick wood board and 1.2”/30mm acrylic material. The device can also be used for engraving at a max 10000mm/min engraving speed.

Precise and Consistent Engraving

The Longer Ray5 10W Laser Engraver features the latest compressed laser technology that generates an ultra-fine laser spot, two times thinner than ordinary lasers available in the market. This means the device gives you ultra-fine cutting and engraving which is precise, consistent, and crystal clear with thinner lines and delicate texture.

Safe and User-Friendly

The Longer Ray5 10W Laser Engraver comes with a thermal sensor that detects accidental flames and automatically stops the laser and starts a buzzing alarm to inform you of the same. Moreover, the device has a flame-resistant acrylic laser protective cover for your safety. Other exciting features include a 3.5” touch screen, multiple data transfer options, multiple machine control options, broad software compatibility, etc.


If you’re looking for a powerful and cost-effective engraver, the Longer Ray5 10W Laser Engraver is a great option. With its dual beam technology, intense laser, and ultra-fine laser spot, you can achieve precise and consistent engraving on various materials. Plus, its safety features and user-friendly design make it a great choice for both professionals and beginners. Don’t miss out on this flash sale and get your Longer Ray5 10W Laser Engraver today!

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