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Score Amazing iPhone Deals, Including a Free iPhone 14

t year’s iPhone 12, but with a smaller notch. The A15 Bionic chip is faster and more efficient, and the cameras have been improved. The iPhone 13 Mini is the same phone, but with a smaller 5.4-inch display.

If you’re looking for a deal on the iPhone 13 or 13 Mini, you’re in luck. Carriers are offering discounts and trade-in deals to entice customers. You can save up to $700 on the iPhone 13 with a trade-in, or get the iPhone 13 Mini for free with a new line and eligible trade-in.

iPhone 12 deals

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

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The iPhone 12 was a major upgrade over the iPhone 11, with a new design, OLED display, and 5G connectivity. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max added even more features, like LiDAR and a telephoto lens.

Now that the iPhone 13 is out, carriers are offering deals on the iPhone 12. You can save up to $1,000 with a trade-in, or get the iPhone 12 Mini for free with a new line and eligible trade-in.

iPhone 11 deals

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

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The iPhone 11 was a great phone when it launched, with a new dual-camera system and improved battery life. It’s still a solid choice for anyone looking for an affordable iPhone.

Carriers are offering deals on the iPhone 11, with savings of up to $500 with a trade-in. You can also get the iPhone 11 for free with a new line and eligible trade-in.


There are plenty of deals to be had on iPhones, whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest or an older model. Carriers are offering discounts and trade-in deals to entice customers, so be sure to shop around and find the best deal for you.

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Tech Leaks: Your Ultimate Guide to the Latest iPhone Deals

Are you looking for the latest iPhone deals? Look no further than Tech Leaks! We’ve got all the latest leaks, guides, and walkthroughs for Apple products, including the iPhone 13, 12, 11, and SE.

iPhone 13 Deals

The iPhone 13 is the latest and greatest from Apple, and we’ve got all the details on the Mini, standard, Pro, and Pro Max models. The iPhone 13 Mini has a palm-friendly 5.4-inch display and almost all the same specs as the vanilla iPhone 13. The standard iPhone 13 has a larger 6.1-inch display and the same rear camera setup, with a primary shooter paired with an ultrawide lens. Stepping up above the standard variant, we have the iPhone 13 Pro. It’s the same size as the regular iPhone 13 but features a triple-lens camera on the back, among other upgrades. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the biggest of the new phones with a 6.7-inch display. It has all the specs of the regular iPhone 13 Pro but comes with a bigger battery.

iPhone 12 Deals

Despite now having a successor, the iPhone 12 family is still hot property. Each model packs the new A14 Bionic chip and up to 256GB of storage. You can even return to the days of the small flagship thanks to the iPhone 12 Mini. Apple kept a similar rainbow of hues from last year’s models, so don’t be afraid to express yourself.

iPhone 11 Deals

The iPhone 11 is Apple’s 2019 take on an affordable flagship device, and it’s a solid pick for most people. It packs the company’s A13 Bionic chip and up to 256GB of storage. The iPhone 11 also offers a dual-camera setup — a feature that you used to have to go Pro to achieve. If you’re determined to have your phone match your other tech, the iPhone 11 is available in six unique colors.

iPhone SE Deals

Looking for a budget-friendly option? The iPhone SE is a great choice. It has the same A13 Bionic chip as the iPhone 11 and a 4.7-inch display. It’s available in three colors: black, white, and red.


At Tech Leaks, we’ve got all the latest iPhone deals and news. Whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest or a budget-friendly option, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned for more updates and leaks!

iPhone SE (2022) Review: A Closer Look at Apple’s Latest Budget Phone

The iPhone SE has been around for a while now, and the latest iteration of the budget phone has some exciting new features. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the iPhone SE (2022) and what makes it stand out from its predecessors.

New Processor

One of the most significant upgrades to the iPhone SE (2022) is the new A15 Bionic chip. This chip is the same one that powers the iPhone 13 family, and it ensures top performance for the phone for years to come. The A15 Bionic chip competes well with the best from Qualcomm and Samsung, making the iPhone SE (2022) a great choice for those who want a budget phone without sacrificing performance.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the iPhone SE (2022):

  • How can I get the iPhone SE (2022) at a discount?

Since Apple rarely offers iPhones at a significant discount, the cheapest way to get one is by trading in your old device. You might not think your current handset is worth much, but if you check with the large carriers, then you might be surprised how much they’re willing to give you for it. But it’s also likely you’ll need to commit to a new line of service.

  • Can I get a free iPhone SE (2022)?

The biggest carriers — AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon — almost always offer a way to get a free iPhone. It will usually require you to trade-in a relatively recent device in good condition.

Overall, the iPhone SE (2022) is a great budget phone that offers top performance and some exciting new features. If you’re in the market for a new phone and don’t want to break the bank, the iPhone SE (2022) is definitely worth considering.

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