Google’s Trusted Tester Program to Feature AI-Enabled Tools for Gmail and Docs

Google Introduces AI-Powered Writing Features in Docs and Gmail

Google has recently announced a set of AI-powered writing features in Docs and Gmail for select beta users. This will allow Workspace users to leverage the power of creative AI for creativity, connection, and collaboration.


  • Draft, reply, summarize, and prioritize Gmail ideas
  • Proofread, write, and rewrite in Docs

Although these features are currently available in Gmail and Docs, Google plans to expand to the rest of the Google Workspace applications in the future. This includes generating images, audio, and video in Slides, as well as automatically generating formulas and insights in Sheets.

These tools will help save time and effort when writing first drafts of a resume, an event invitation, or a professional email. Users only need to enter the subject they want to write about, and an initial draft will be produced for them right away. This provides a base that can be edited and improved upon, with the help of the AI partner.

“I’m Feeling Lucky” Button

One interesting feature is the “I’m feeling lucky” button inside the Gmail application. This can help users re-write an email they’re not so sure about. The tool can also apply the appropriate tone of voice if an email needs to sound more formal. Additionally, users can take notes on their phone and plug those in to turn them into a more cohesive thought or summary.

AI Principles

Google is clear to mention that “AI is no replacement for the ingenuity, creativity, and smarts of real people.” Thus, this technology is not perfect and will have its quirks. Google is developing this tool in compliance with Google’s AI Principles, which are intended to keep the user in control by allowing the AI to make recommendations that the user is able to approve, modify, and change. In addition, Workspace admins can rest assured that the corresponding measures will be put into place to allow IT professionals to apply the appropriate policies for their organization.


Google plans on releasing these new features later this month, beginning with the English-speaking market in the USA with members of its trusted tester program. Once it has gone through its proper paces, Google intends to improve on the experience and eventually make this available for the masses.

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