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First sighting of Google Pixel Fold in the wild rumored

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Google Pixel Fold Spotted in the Wild?


  • A Reddit user claims they saw a Google employee with a Pixel Fold while on a train.
  • The user described the device as dark blue or black, thin bezels on the outside, and thin.
  • If this is the Pixel Fold, it would be the first time the phone was seen in the wild.

When products are in development, it’s not uncommon for employees to test those prototypes outside of the company. It’s a great way to evaluate the device in a real-world setting, find flaws, and discover areas that could use improvement. Of course, this opens up the risk of eagle-eyed individuals catching an early glimpse of your hardware. It appears Google may have just suffered this consequence with its upcoming Pixel Fold.

The highly anticipated Google Pixel Fold may have just been seen in the wild for the very first time. A user on Reddit who was riding on the A Train in New York City says they saw a Google employee on the same train as them. That Google employee was apparently “doing everything he can to cover up.” The Reddit user says the employee was holding a foldable phone that they believe it was a Pixel Fold.

According to the Reddit user, the handset is described as thin, dark blue or black, and has thin bezels on the outside. The user also provided a handful of pictures where it looks like the person in question is watching a YouTube video.

From our perspective, it’s difficult to glean anything from these fuzzy pictures. These photos are far from ideal for identifying the device in the person’s hands. It’s entirely possible that the person in these images is holding some other foldable, like the Oppo Find N2.

However, if this is indeed the Pixel Fold, it would be the first time the phone was seen in the wild. This would be a significant development for Google and its fans, who have been eagerly anticipating the release of the Pixel Fold. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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