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Google Translate on the Web Now Has an Images Tab

Google has made a helpful change to its Google Translate tool. The web version of the tool now has a tab for images, allowing users to convert text from images into their desired language.

How to Use the Images Tab

When you visit the Google Translate website, you will see a row of tabs near the top of the page. Among the group, you will find the new Images tab. To use this feature, simply upload an image from your phone or computer. Once uploaded, the tool will detect the language in the image and translate it to your default language. There are over 130 languages to choose from.

Additional Features

In addition to translating, the tool allows you to see a side-by-side comparison if you click on the “Show original” toggle. You can also download the translated image or copy the text.

Technology Behind the Tool

This new Google Translate for the web feature uses the same generative adversarial networks (GAN) found in the AR Translate for Google Lens. By using this technology, it allows the tool to look like it has seamlessly replaced the original text instead of superimposing the translation on top of the original text.


Google Lens has been able to translate text from images for a while, but only on mobile. Now, browser users can take advantage of this feature too. With the new Images tab on Google Translate, users can easily translate words that appear in photos or screenshots. This is a helpful tool for anyone who needs to translate text from images quickly and accurately.

Source: Android Authority

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