Google Revamps Play Store and Nearby Share with Material You Design Updates

Google Account Switcher for Play Store Gets Material You Update

If you’re an Android user, you should know that the Google Account switcher for the Play Store is getting a Material You update, according to 9to5Google. This update uses Google’s unified design language that takes the dominant colors from your phone’s wallpaper to create the color theme on widgets, app icons, system UI elements, app interfaces, and widgets.

What is the Google Account Switcher?

The account switcher on most Google apps, including the Play Store, allows the user to switch between different Google accounts that the user might have. It is usually found by tapping on the avatar found in the upper right corner of the display. The changes include the use of a lighter-colored background and a darker-colored interior body which has rounded corners after the update. The menu list hasn’t changed though.

Material You Update for Nearby Share

Also getting a taste of the Material You update is the Android Nearby Share feature. With Nearby Share Android users can share files and apps with other nearby Android phones using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Noted first by 9to5Google, the Material You update adds animated shapes that expand in back of your avatar while the app looks for nearby devices. Available devices are highlighted using a Material You icon. And when you’re in the midst of receiving a large file (like a video), a parade of Material You shapes continuously circle around the middle of the panel.

The Material You update for Nearby Share arrives via a server-side update alongside the latest version of Google Play Services. You could consider Nearby Share to be the Android version of the iOS AirDrop feature. To access Nearby Share on your Android phone, open the Files by Google app and tap on Nearby Share at the bottom of the screen.


While the update hasn’t been completely rolled out yet, Android users can look forward to a more visually appealing Google Account switcher and Nearby Share feature. The Material You update adds a touch of fun and personality to these features, making them more enjoyable to use.

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