OpenAI releases GPT-4, now available for Bing Preview users

After much in-house development, OpenAI has finally released the successor to ChatGPT’s GPT 3.5 AI – GPT-4. Microsoft, one of OpenAI’s biggest investors, announced today that GPT-4 is available for all Bing Preview users immediately.

Source: Microsoft

Bing Preview users can now interact with GPT-4 using the Bing Chat feature

Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Yusuf Mehdi congratulated OpenAI on its achievement in developing the next revolutionary AI. The announcement confirms that the new Bing is already powered by GPT-4 since its launch in February. Microsoft also stated that as OpenAI makes updates to GPT-4 and beyond, Bing benefits from those future updates and improvements. Along with Microsoft’s own updates based on community feedback, Bing users can be assured that they have the most comprehensive search copilot features available.

However, it should be noted that GPT-4 on Microsoft’s new Bing has a lot of constraints and guardrails in place by Microsoft to prevent abuse and illegal activity by its users. To try out GPT-4 today, you can sign up for the Microsoft Bing Preview via the waitlist here.

If you are already within the Preview, you can access most of the GPT-4 features starting today. Microsoft shared that the tech giant was doing a big waitlist push the past week and invited more people on the waitlist to experience the new Bing based on OpenAI’s industry-leading GPT-4. So if you had registered for the Bing waitlist, you should check your email now to check whether you can finally experience Bing!

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(Source: Microsoft)