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Honor Europe Optimistic About Co-Existence of Foldables and Bar Phones.

Honor unveils latest flagship smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2023

Honor recently made waves at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, where it unveiled its latest flagship smartphones – the Honor Magic5 and Magic5 Pro. According to Honor CEO George Zhao, the company is eyeing big growth in Europe and treating 2023 as its “year 1” in the region, with plans to roll out its devices globally in the coming quarter.

George Zhao
George Zhao

Longer software support for Honor devices

The Honor Magic5 Pro and Honor Magic Vs will receive 3 years of Android upgrades and 5 years of security patches. Additionally, the Magic Vs, which is one of the lightest foldables with a vertical hinge, is poised to give the Samsung Galaxy Fold lineup some competition. While foldables are expected to explode in sales once they shed more weight and get thinner with better battery life, Zhao doesn’t see them entirely replacing traditional bar phones. Instead, he expects the two to co-exist, with clamshells and horizontal foldables also remaining in demand.

Honor’s focus on Europe

Honor has been making inroads in Europe, treating the region as a second home, with an R&D and product center dedicated specifically to Europe. Zhao believes that having a strong portfolio of devices is key to driving growth in the region and is open to the idea of opening physical stores, but for now, is focused on building partnerships with carriers and retailers.

Challenges in the US market

However, the US market remains a challenge for Honor, and the company is taking a step-by-step approach to penetrate the tough market.

Innovative devices for different user needs and preferences

Overall, Honor is focused on providing innovative devices that cater to different user needs and preferences, while also ensuring longer software support for its devices. With its latest foldable devices, the company is looking to make a mark in the global smartphone market and continue its growth trajectory.

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