How to Use Custom Keyboards on Apple iOS 8

TechLeaksApple has recently introduced custom keyboards feature in their new OS iOS 8 which is being used by developers right now and will come for public the mid of September. “Custom Keyboards” is the only feature that Apple users were demanding from a long period of time however “Custom Keyboards” is the only feature that is being provided by Android that is owned by Google from a long period of time. Now iPhone and iPad users using iOS 8 in their devices will be able to easily install third party keyboards in their devices. Good news for iOS 7 users is that they can also use this feature after upgrading their devices freely to iOS 8. So here we are going to explain in detail about the “Custom Keyboards”, how they will work on new OS iOS 8 and “How to Use Custom Keyboards on Apple iOS 8″.

Actually “Custom Keyboards” were accessible on the iOS old versions from 2008 to onwards, when the company launched third party Apps. iPhone & iPad users can easily switch to “Custom Keyboards” while using a lot of apps, etc. Social networking apps, financial apps, education apps. Therefore, the “Custom Keyboards” were available in the iOS old version but they were limited to the scope of that particular app only and were not available in the other iOS. But now in the iOS, users will be able to download and install “Custom Keyboards” easily and can use them with any app they desire with just a few clicks.

How to Use Custom Keyboards on Apple iOS 8

To use “Custom Keyboards” in iOS 8, you first have to download and install the “Custom Keyboard” for that app, and that “Custom Keyboard” will be available in all other apps on your iPhone and iPad. After the installation of “Custom Keyboard” you have to go to


Here you will see keyboards screen. You can tap at “add new keyboard”. Here on the same screen, you will see another section “Third-Party Keyboards”, here just tap at the name of the “Custom Keyboard” that you want to use. Now you will be able to type with this keyboard with custom keys of your choice.

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