Huawei to Unveil WATCH Ultimate During Product Launch Event on March 23

Huawei is set to launch its flagship smartwatch, the WATCH Ultimate, during its upcoming product launch event on March 23. This new series of Huawei smartwatches is a significant milestone for the brand, and the event will also see the unveiling of the Huawei P60 series smartphones.

Breakthrough Application of Piercing up to the Sky

The WATCH Ultimate is an epoch-making flagship smartwatch that overcame technical difficulties to yield its breakthrough application of Piercing up to the Sky on the watch. This application allows top-notch connectivity via the smartwatch.

Huawei Watch Ultimate

New Chapter in Smart Wearable Devices

According to Huawei Terminal BG’s COO, He Gang, the new flagship will open a new chapter in the communication of smart wearable devices for the public. It comes with significant upgrades that will deliver a professional experience whether on a mountain expedition or in the sea.

Tough Design and Longer Battery Life

The Huawei WATCH Ultimate has a tough shape design with a fully functional bezel scale. The smartwatch is being promoted with the “Start Up Now” slogan and the appearance of satellite points to support for satellite communications. It is also likely that the smartwatch will have a longer battery life to go with its rugged outlook.

Pricing and Availability

Details about the pricing and availability of the Huawei WATCH Ultimate are still unknown. However, the countdown has already begun for the March 23 product launch event.

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