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Huawei to launch foldable phone with satellite connectivity this month

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Huawei to Launch Mate X3 on March 23 in China


  • Huawei will launch the Mate X3 on March 23 in China.
  • The company is teasing a light yet durable design.
  • The device could be the first foldable phone with satellite connectivity.

Huawei has started teasing the launch of its next foldable phone – the Mate X3. The company has put out a poster for the phone’s March 23 launch in China, where it will also reveal the Huawei P60. Although the image doesn’t show the Mate X3, the text written on it suggests that the new foldable will be thinner, lighter, and more durable.

Huawei Mate X3 teaser

Huawei didn’t launch a successor for the 2021 Mate X2 last year. Instead, it returned to the outward folding design of its original foldable phone by launching the Mate Xs 2. Conversely, the Mate X3 is expected to feature a more traditional inward folding design matching the Mate X2 and the current crop of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold devices.

As for its specs, the Mate X3 is still pretty much a mystery. That said, Huawei has reportedly confirmed that the phone will feature satellite connectivity. Previous leaks have suggested it would enable two-way SMS communication on the phone.

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