iOS 8 Family Sharing – More Powerful Now

OS 8 family sharing feature is more powerful now. Family sharing is a feature of Apple iOS that allows you to share your media and content with your families. In new iOS 8, via family sharing, up to 6 people in your family can share your iTunes purchases, iBooks and your App Store wit out any need of sharing your accounts. Therefore you can now pay for your kids with the same credit card that you used for yourself plus you can manage your kids spending via a parent’s device. So family sharing allows you to share your media, calendar, photos, and videos and much more keeping you always connected with your family.

No Need to Share Your Apple ID or Passwords

in iOS 8 family sharing, after successfully setting up the family sharing, your family members can get instant access to all others media, photos, music, TV shows, books, apps etc. in your family. You can download anything from these by just tapping once. So therefore no need to share your Apple ID or passwords.

The new iOS 8 family sharing allows you to create one photo steam of your family memories, and all family members can now contribute to that album. Making your memories more awesome and memorable. All your family members in your family sharing can share now videos, photos and comment them.

  • In iOS 8 family sharing your family calendar will be available to everyone, anyone can add their life events in them which will be viewable to everyone in your family plus you will have the ability to create family reminders that will be viewable to everyone in your family.


  • In iOS 8 family sharing, your location will be shared to everyone in your family. So it’s a good way always to stay up to date with others location in your family. So it will be easier to meet at same place where family sharing showing you both are present at same time.
  • In iOS 8, it’s now much easy to Apple’s lost devices of your family. Via your iPhone finder app, family members can locate the lost device and make it beep. So these all are the new features of iOS 8 family sharing.


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