iOS 8 improved Spotlight Search

ios 8 improved spotlight techleaks.usSpotlight search is one of the most improved feature of the iOS 8 with improved Suggestions. Spotlight search results and suggestions will provide you much improved and refined search results that are pulled from various resources from the web. To use this feature, you just need to swipe down your finger from the home screen to access the Spotlight. Type anything there, as expected search results from your local device will appear, but the search will not end here. Spotlight search result suggestions will provide you with much improved search suggestions like Popular Locations, results from Wikipedia, maps, movies currently running in theatres along with their ratings, App store results, Music suggestion and much more.

iOS 8 improved Spotlight Search Brings Search Results From

  • Wikipedia
  • News
  • Nearby Places
  • ITunes Store
  • App Store
  • IBook’s store
  • Suggested websites
  • Movie show times

improved Spotlight Search

Apple is still thinking to add more features to Spotlight search, but these are the few new features that have been introduced in the iOS 8 to improve the Spotlight search. Right now, we can’t say much about the Spotlight improvements, but these are few of the improvements of Spotlight that Apple has made.

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