iOS 8 Messages App Exciting New Features

iOS 8 Messages App 2 techleaks.usApple has added Exciting New Feature in the Messages app in their new upcoming OS iOS 8 which is coming in near September. Messages is the app that you use and love the most so Apple has considered every aspect of your real life and have made it much more easier and simpler for you to use. iOS 8 Messages app will change the way you love to do messaging. These are the new features that have been added in the Messages app in iOS 8.

  • Add Voice in the messages
  • Send Video in the messages
  • Group Messages
  • Share your location
  • See all Attachments in a Conversation
  • Instantly Send Multiple Photos and Videos

Add Voice in the messages:
Sending of voice in your conversation was never as easy and simple as in iOS 8 now. To send voice, just tap the microphone button, record your voice, and hit the send button.

iOS 8 Messages App

Send Video in the messages:
It’s much simple and easier to send your loved ones video to someone. Just tap the Camera button, Select the video that you want to send and hit the send button.

Group Messages:
Previously in iOS 7, group message option was not as easy as now in iOS 8. You can easily add your desired contacts in the group messages and can remove the people you don’t want from the conversation too without deleting the entire conversation. Moreover, you can also give your conversation your desired name you like.

Share your Location:
It’s never was possible in earlier versions of iOS to share your location. Some one of your friends asking you, where are you? Instead of typing now, just share your location with them. Your answer will show the map with your location to your friend. You can also share your all locations by share about feature.

See all Attachments in a Conversation:
It’s now much easier to browse through all the photos and videos of one conversation. You don’t have to go up and up in the conversations. You can see now all the attachments at one place.

Instantly Send Multiple Photos and Videos:
You can now mark/select the multiple photos and send them directly in your conversation via the messages app. You don’t have to send now photos by selecting one photo at one time.

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