iOS 8 New Design Features

iOS 8 New Design Features techleaks.usThe design in iOS 8 is simply awesome, the more features helps the user to make new experience. You can experience the new changes in the features you use every day. There is an easy way to interact with the notifications and mails can be manage in a less time through its time-saving features.

Interact with notification and keep in touch

Respond to messages or mails while using any app on iOS 8 with their notification banner. Even you can stay in touch with reminders and calendar invitations. You can do all this without closing your app. So the exciting features is to quickly reply to the text messages while doing other work on iOS 8.

iOS 8 New Design Features techleaks

A shortcut screen for your important contacts

The other new features that you see is that by clicking the home button twice you can see the contact icons at the top you have recently talked. Simply my clicking on these contact icons you can call or text that person and start communication.

iOS 8 New Design Features 2

Time-saving features in mail

It’s very easy to manage your mail box, you can mark mail as read, you can switch between your inbox and draft email. This help to collect information to compose a new mail. Mail also show notification for the any reservation or phone number in an email. Swipe any mail to right will mark as unread and swiping it to left you can move it to any folder or put it into Trash.

Safari unique features now for the iPad

Now on your iPad you can view all your open tabs at one place. This feature grouped the opened web page from the same site. By tapping on the sidebar you can see your bookmarks also. You can experience all these browsing features in all your devices.

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