iOS 8 Release Date Prediction From iPhone 6 Rumors

Many people are waiting impatiently for the iOS 8 to be released and same number of people are waiting too for the iPhone 6 to come and many are waiting for the both too. There are thousands of rumors about the iOS 8 release date and same no. of rumors too about the release of iPhone 6 too. From all these rumors we can make a prediction about the release date of iOS 8. And off course from iPhone 6 rumors we can easily predict about the release date of iOS 8. From many rumors, the most common prediction is that iOS 8 is coming now in about 38 – 40 days from today.

Definitely, we can’t say final words about the release of iOS 8 but Apple history states that iOS 8 release is some very closely linked to the iPhone 6 release. From Apple history, we can predict that new iOS 8 will come 2 days before the release of iPhone 6. From the Apple history, we can expect that iOS 8 will be available for download for Apple users on September 17 or September 18. Most certainly on 17 September.

From Apple 4 years history, there are certainly many chances this date will turn true. Apple has always released the new iOS versions 2 days before their new iPhone hits the Apple Stores. Last year on 12 September, 2013, iPhone 5 was launched. It was released on 21st September and iOS 6 was launched on 19th September. Also when we talk about iPhone 5s, it was launched on 20th September and iOS 7 was releases on 18th September.

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