Salcomp Enters EV Charger Space in India

Salcomp, one of the iPhone power brick suppliers in India, is expanding its business into the EV charger space. The company recently announced its plans to move into alternative areas, including the supply of components for solar and hydro-powered electricity generation, as well as the production of electric vehicle power chargers.

Salcomp Enters EV Charger Space in India

Salcomp has previously supplied 5W power chargers for iPhones shipped from India. The company plans to double its manufacturing workforce in India to meet its production goals by 2026. Salcomp has established manufacturing centers in India, Brazil, and China, and has been producing phone accessories since the 1980s. The company has also produced chargers for the iPhone 6 series and other similar models.

Salcomp is making solid investments in India and projects up to $3 billion in revenue from its Indian operations by 2026. The company will increase its current workforce in India with an additional 13,000 personnel, more than doubling its workforce by 2026. The workers will be involved in the manufacture of hydropower electronics equipment and components, as well as solar micro converters and electric vehicle accessories.

Salcomp has not disclosed any details about its clients in the new product line. However, the outlook of the Indian EV market remains very promising, with a conscious strategy at both the national and regional levels to stimulate EV manufacturing. Therefore, Salcomp’s entry into the market is another milestone in the Indian EV market.


Salcomp’s expansion into the EV charger space in India is a significant move for the company, which has been a major player in the phone accessories market for decades. With the promising outlook of the Indian EV market, Salcomp’s entry into the market is expected to be a success. The company’s plans to double its manufacturing workforce in India and increase its revenue from Indian operations to $3 billion by 2026 are ambitious but achievable goals.