Keychron Launches Q11 Customized Mechanical Keyboard with Unique Split Design

Keychron has recently launched the Q11 customized mechanical keyboard in China. This unique split mechanical keyboard features a two-in-one split-type arrangement that allows for greater freedom of placement and easy adjustments. The keyboard’s placement angle and spacing are easily adjustable, making it a versatile option for users.

Keychron Q11 Customized Mechanical Keyboard With a Unique Split Design Launched

The Q11 customized split design helps to minimize fatigue on the shoulders and arms, making it a comfortable option for extended use. The keyboard is engraved with all-aluminum CNC and has a newly designed double knob. It supports the open-source key change and is compatible with both Windows and MacOS systems. The keyboard switch body is Jiadalong G Pro switch with red, brown, and green color options available. The switch also supports hot swapping.

Keychron Q11 Customized Mechanical Keyboard

The Keychron Q11 customized mechanical keyboard is currently available in China at a launch price of 799 yuan (~$115). It is a wired device and does not support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. The split design of the keyboard seems to be one of its biggest selling points.

Competition and Availability

It remains to be seen whether the Keychron Q11 will receive a decent reception in the Chinese market. The level of saturation and competition in the market is quite high, with competitive pricing also in the mix. There are no details yet at this time on whether the product will be available in other markets.


The Keychron Q11 customized mechanical keyboard is a unique and versatile option for users looking for a comfortable and adjustable keyboard. Its split design and easy adjustments make it a standout option in the market. However, its success in the Chinese market remains to be seen.


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