“Google’s 2023 flagship phone revealed in leaked Pixel 8 renders with surprisingly compact design”


Pixel 8 Leaks: What We Know So Far

UPDATE: The Pixel 8 is now rumored to sport a 6.2-inch screen instead of the previously anticipated 5.8-inch screen. However, the leaked product dimensions by Steve Hemmerstoffer still stand, which means that Google is expected to fit almost as much screen real estate as the Pixel 7 into a shorter and narrower body.

At the end of the day, the non-Pro Pixel 8 continues to look like an unusually compact high-end smartphone by modern standards, which should definitely pique the interest of hardcore Google fans who are into such a thing.

When it rains, it pours. The old saying seems to apply to Google’s upcoming Pixel products, which are leaking like crazy all of a sudden after a surprisingly lengthy period of radio silence on the rumor front, especially as far as the search giant’s next “mainstream” high-end handsets are concerned.

While that should obviously make you skeptical of everything coming through the grapevine at this point in time, Steve Hemmerstoffer’s track record makes the following renders leaked in collaboration with MySmartPrice pretty much impossible to contest.

Familiar but New

After last year’s Pixel 7 took the winning design of 2021’s Pixel 6 and made it even more winning with a few subtle but important visual revisions, 2023’s “vanilla” Pixel 8 is essentially guaranteed to do more or less the same thing to its predecessor.

What we’re looking at today is a refined 5.8-incher with rounded corners, razor-thin screen bezels, and the same old premium construction combining a metal frame with a shiny glass back to keep up with the latest trends in Android flagship designs.

While the Pixel 8’s family resemblance with the Pixel 7 is undeniably strong, its changes are also undoubtedly far more notable than what 2022’s pure Google powerhouse brought to the table compared to the Pixel 6 before it.

Pixel 8 Specs

In short, (almost) nothing. For certain, exactly nothing. Of course, a third-gen Google Tensor processor is all but etched in stone to run the raw power show inside both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, as well as quite possibly a state-of-the-art Pixel 8 Ultra model and maybe even the Pixel Fold (unless that first-gen device will settle for a Tensor G2 to keep production costs in check).

A big upgrade of some sort for the Pixel 7’s primary camera was a few months ago tipped as a key Pixel 8 selling point, and if history is any indication, Google will continue to separate its high-end devices in terms of memory, putting “only” 8 gigs of RAM on the base model this year too.

It remains to be seen if the non-Pro Pixel 8 will jump from its forerunner’s 90Hz display refresh rate technology to match the Pixel 7 Pro’s 120Hz support (as it well should), while the screen resolution is unlikely to go beyond the Full HD+ mark with this year’s size shrinkage. Speaking of shrinkage, we definitely hope the battery capacity will not take a big hit, a theory supported (at least in part) by the aforementioned bump in overall product thickness.

Google’s Pixel 8 is shaping up to be an exciting release for fans of the tech giant. With rumors of a 6.2-inch screen and a compact design, the non-Pro Pixel 8 is sure to turn heads. While leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, renders leaked in collaboration with MySmartPrice seem to confirm the design changes.

The Pixel 8 is expected to feature a third-gen Google Tensor processor, and a big upgrade to the primary camera has been tipped as a key selling point. Google is likely to continue separating its high-end devices in terms of memory, with the base model featuring 8 gigs of RAM. It remains to be seen if the non-Pro Pixel 8 will match the Pixel 7 Pro’s 120Hz support, but we hope the battery capacity won’t take a hit.

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