Messaging App to Prevent iPhone Users from Bullying Android Users

Android Users Can Now Enjoy iMessage Features with Sunbird Messaging App

If you’re an Android user who is tired of being insulted in a group chat by iPhone users because your presence causes the text bubbles to turn green and downgrades the service from iMessage to SMS, pay attention to this. When Android users chatting via RCS (Rich Communication Service) allow an iPhone user to join the group, the same thing happens and the service is downgraded from RCS to SMS. Character limits return, image and video quality drops, read receipts and typing indicators are disabled.

The Solution: Sunbird Messaging App

The only difference between iMessage and RCS is that Android users don’t make a big stink when an iPhone user interrupts an RCS chat session. But it soon won’t matter anyway when the Sunbird Messaging app launches. Currently in Alpha testing, Sunbird is a universal messaging app that will allow Android users to pass themselves off as iOS users during a group chat. There will be no green bubbles in sight and all iMessage features will be available to Android users with the app installed.

How to Get Sunbird Messaging App

Right now you can join the waitlist by tapping on this link or by directing your browser to The list is pretty long and this writer is number 91257. There are ways to move up the list if you don’t mind referring the app to other Android users. When your number is up, you will receive an email inviting you to join a closed beta.

Features of Sunbird Messaging App

  • Sunbird Messaging will be free, at least for the foreseeable future.
  • Works over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.
  • Less than a minute to set up and less than 5 minutes to add iMessage to your Android phone.
  • A global platform, the app will also be available in Samsung’s Galaxy App Store and Huawei’s AppGallery.
  • A unified inbox will give app users access to their WhatsApp, FB Messenger (Meta), SMS accounts. Eventually, support will be added allowing users to see their inboxes for Telegram, Discord, RCS, Slack, and more.

Important Note

It is important to know that a fake Sunbird app was discovered in the Google Play store. It contains adware and might have malicious code. Do not download it. All you can do with the legit Sunbird Messaging app is join the waitlist or by joining Sunbird Messaging’s Discord you can install the Alpha app.


With the Sunbird Messaging app, Android users can now enjoy iMessage features without being downgraded to SMS. The app is currently in Alpha testing and can be accessed by joining the waitlist or by installing the Alpha app via Sunbird Messaging’s Discord. The app is free and works over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It will also be available in Samsung’s Galaxy App Store and Huawei’s AppGallery. However, beware of fake Sunbird apps in the Google Play store that contain adware and malicious code.

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