Leaked Images and Specifications of Nothing Ear 2 Surface Prior to Launch

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Nothing Ear 2: New Leaks Reveal Design and Features

With the announcement of the Nothing Ear 2 scheduled for March 22, leaks have already surfaced revealing the design and features of the upcoming earbuds. According to a leak provided by The Tech Outlook and tipster OnLeaks, the Nothing Ear 2 will have several new features and design changes.


Based on the leaked images, the Nothing Ear 2 appears to have a similar design to its predecessor, with a transparent body and carrying case. However, there are a few minor design changes, such as the noise-cancelling microphone being transferred to the top of the stem and a slight change to the branding.


The leak suggests that the earbuds may have 11.6mm speakers, similar to the Nothing Ear 1, and a six-hour battery life. However, it is unclear if this estimate is for playback without active noise-cancelling (ANC) on. The carrying case battery may offer two more hours of charging time than the previous model, bringing the total time up to 36 hours. The case also supports charging through its USB-C port or wirelessly with a Qi-compatible charger.

Other rumored features include multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, personalized ANC, and an IP54 rating. The earbuds are also said to be 0.2 grams lighter than the previous model.


The Nothing Ear 2 is shaping up to be an exciting release for tech enthusiasts and audiophiles alike. With its sleek design and impressive features, it is sure to be a popular choice for those in the market for new earbuds. Stay tuned for the official announcement on March 22.

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