Omnivision Unveils Latest 4-Megapixel Image Sensor for Home and Baby Monitoring Gadgets

Omnivision Launches New 2K 4-Megapixel Image Sensor for Consumer Security and Surveillance Cameras

Omnivision has recently announced the launch of its latest image sensor, the OS04D, designed for consumer security and surveillance cameras. The new image sensor features a 2.0-micron high-performance backside-illuminated pixel that provides higher sensitivity, ultra-low noise, and better overall image quality.

Improved Performance and Cost Efficiency

The OS04D image sensor comes in a cost-effective 1/3-inch optical format and offers 40% power consumption savings compared to its predecessor. Additionally, it provides improvements of over 30% in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and 40% in sensitivity. The PureCel®Plus technology-based BSI pixel in the sensor enables higher sensitivity and ultra-low noise, while select conversion gain (SCG) allows the sensor to flexibly select low and high conversion gain depending on the lighting conditions.

Efficient and Reliable Solution for Battery-Operated Devices

The on-chip auto exposure control (AEC) and auto gain control (AGC) accelerate system-on-chip (SoC) booting time, making it an efficient and reliable solution for battery-operated devices such as doorbell security cameras. The low power consumption of the sensor is beneficial for such devices.

High Sensitivity and Low Noise

The OS04D image sensor produces extremely clear images and has fast frame rates to capture real-time, fast-moving HD video. Its PureCel Plus pixel architecture achieves high quantum efficiency and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in extremely high sensitivity in low-light conditions.

Compatibility and Future Products

The OS04D image sensor is pin-to-pin compatible with Omnivision’s OS04L image sensor as well as other new products that the company will launch in the future. It is a significant improvement over its predecessor, offering improved performance, low power consumption, and an ideal balance of performance and cost for mainstream IP and HD analog security cameras. Its high sensitivity and low noise make it an excellent solution for low-light conditions, making it a perfect fit for doorbell and baby monitoring devices.

According to Cheney Zhang, Senior Marketing Manager at Omnivision, “the OS04D image sensor is designed to provide the ideal balance of performance and cost for mainstream IP and HD analog security cameras.” For security camera image sensors, the most critical component is their ability to produce sharp, high-resolution images.

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Omnivision OS04D



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