Social media platform experiences extended outage and anticipates quick recovery

Reddit Goes Down: Social Media Site Experiences Outage

Reddit, the popular social media site, experienced an outage this afternoon, according to As of 2:46 pm EDT, there were nine complaints lodged against Reddit on Downdetector, and that number skyrocketed to 66,717 by 3:16 pm EDT. Even as late as 5:46 pm EDT, over 26,000 people were still complaining that Reddit was down.

Reddit’s status page has three comments from the social media company. The first comment was posted at 3:18 pm EDT and reads, “Investigating – Reddit is currently offline. We’re working to identify the issue.” A second comment was left on the status page 38 minutes later, stating, “Identified – We’ve identified an internal systems issue and are working to determine a fix.” The third comment was posted at 5:43 pm EDT and reads, “Update – We’ve identified a fix which may take some time to implement, in the meantime ready your bananas (or eat them!).” Just minutes ago, Reddit added this to its status page at 7:18 pm EDT: “Update – We’ve implemented our fix and are slowly allowing things to ramp back up. We’re not yet out of the woods. How do you draw a banana? Asking for a friend.”

Complaints and Operational Status

55% of the complaints against Reddit were related to the social media site’s iOS or Android app, while 33% reported that they could not get the Reddit website to work. Interestingly, Reddit offers users the opportunity to see how operational the service has been over the last 30 days, and it shows that during that period, Reddit’s desktop website has been working 99.49% of the time. Over the same 30 days, Reddit’s mobile apps have been up 99.57% of the time.

Reddit’s Response

Reddit disseminated a tweet at 6:37 pm that says, “Enjoy the productivity. We’ll be up and running again soon.” However, some users expressed frustration that Reddit needed to report its status to Reddit users on another social media platform. One Twitter user by the name of “Just Liz” wrote, “Seems weird that I would need to come to a competing platform to find out what’s going on at your platform.”

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