Samsung Refutes Allegations of Faking Moon Photos with Space Zoom Technology”>community forum and in a statement to The Verge earlier this year. The company has consistently maintained that its Space Zoom feature doesn’t involve any kind of image manipulation or overlaying, and that the results are achieved through a combination of hardware and software.

While the Reddit post that sparked this latest controversy has since been deleted, it’s not the first time that Samsung’s moon photos have been called into question. Earlier this year, a TechRadar opinion piece argued that the photos produced by the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Space Zoom feature were “fake”, and that the software was adding in additional detail that wasn’t present in the original photos.

It’s worth noting that the controversy around Samsung’s moon photos is largely academic – the vast majority of users are unlikely to be too concerned about whether or not the photos are “real”. However, it does raise interesting questions about the role of AI and software in photography, and the extent to which we can trust the images produced by our devices.

*Note: This response was generated by an AI language model and may not be 100% grammatically correct. It is recommended to review and edit before publishing.Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Is AI Being Used to Fake Detailed Moon Photos?

Samsung has been accused of using AI to fake detailed moon photos, but the company denies these allegations. Last year, Samsung Community board responded to Input magazine’s investigation and stated that no image overlaying or texture effects are applied when taking a photo. However, the latest controversy surrounding Samsung’s Scene Optimizer mode, which has been producing moon shots since the Samsung Galaxy S21, has raised questions about the authenticity of these photos.

AI-powered modes like Scene Optimizer use multi-frame synthesis, deep learning, and a “detail improvement engine” to produce impressive final results. While we don’t know exactly what is happening in that engine, it’s fair to say that extra moon detail is conjured from the limited information captured by the Galaxy’s camera. Samsung disputes that this detail is simply applied to or overlayed on Space Zoom moon photos.

Analysis: A Debate with Blurry Edges

The debate surrounding Samsung’s use of AI to enhance moon photos is a complex one. All photography is on a sliding scale between the so-called ‘real’ kind and the ‘fake’ kind. AI-powered modes like Scene Optimizer undoubtedly push photography towards the more artificial end of that scale. However, it’s important to note that the use of AI in photography is not inherently bad. It can enhance photos and make them more visually appealing.


While Samsung denies using AI to fake detailed moon photos, the controversy surrounding the company’s Scene Optimizer mode raises questions about the authenticity of these photos. The debate surrounding the use of AI in photography is a complex one, but it’s important to note that AI can enhance photos and make them more visually appealing. As technology continues to advance, it’s likely that we’ll see more AI-powered modes in photography.Samsung Responds to Accusations of ‘Fake’ Space Zoom Photos

Samsung has responded to accusations that its Space Zoom photos are ‘fake’, stating that it is not simply adding extra detail and texture to shots en masse. However, the debate about whether or not these photos are completely detached from the act of capturing photons is unlikely to be settled. Every digital photo is a fabrication of some kind, and with the addition of multi-frame processing and AI sharpening, every photo is artificial to a large extent. Samsung’s AI algorithms fill in details based on patterns they see when trained on a vast dataset of similar photos, but the company claims it is not retrieving a previous image of the moon to overlay on top of a blurry shot. Whether or not this process is acceptable is up to the individual user.

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