1. Boost Your Samsung Galaxy A54 and A34 Battery Performance with These Tips

The Latest Samsung Mid-Rangers: Galaxy A54 and A34 5G

Samsung has recently announced the release of their latest mid-range smartphones, the Galaxy A54 5G and A34 5G. While they may not be the best in their price range, last year’s A series had impressive battery life. The question is, did Samsung improve on that front in 2023?

Do the Galaxy A54 and A34 have better battery life?

The Galaxy A53 and A33 had a battery life that could last up to a day and a half or even two, depending on usage. Samsung claims that the new Galaxy A54 and A34 can now last more than two days according to their tests, so there is a chance that the battery life has improved.

How much battery do the Galaxy A54 and A34 have?

Both phones have a battery capacity of 5,000mAh, which is the same as last year’s models. If there are any changes in the phones’ battery life, it would likely be due to software optimization or power efficiency of the chipsets.

Do the Galaxy A54 and A34 have wireless charging?

Unfortunately, neither the Galaxy A34 nor the A54 come with wireless charging, let alone reverse wireless charging.

How fast do the Galaxy A54 and A34 charge?

Just like the models from 2022, the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 both have a maximum charging speed of 25W. While this may not be on par with some competitors like Xiaomi, it is still a decent amount of charging speed to give you a good boost when needed. However, it is disappointing that there is no charger included in the box.


While we cannot confirm the battery life of the Galaxy A54 and A34 until we conduct our own tests, Samsung’s claims of improved battery life are promising. The lack of wireless charging and included charger may be a downside for some users, but the phones’ other features and specs make them worth considering in the mid-range market.

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