Samsung Unlikely to Launch Galaxy S23 FE in 2021

Is Samsung Skipping the Galaxy S23 FE?

After the successful release of the Galaxy S20 FE in fall 2020, Samsung waited until January 2022 to release a sequel to its inexpensive high-end phone. However, the tech giant nixed the Galaxy S22 FE, leaving the door open for a possible S23 FE. But according to German journalist Roland Quandt, who is known for his inside information on unreleased mobile devices, it “sure doesn’t look like there’ll be an S23 FE this year.”

While this leaves the possibility of a 2024 launch, it would be highly unusual for Samsung to pause its Fan Edition lineup for two years and then return with a Galaxy S23 FE like nothing happened. It’s clear that the Galaxy S21 FE was not as successful as anticipated, and Samsung is looking to reduce the number of phones it releases each year.

What Does This Mean for Samsung?

While Samsung may not be perfectly represented in the mid-range phone market, the company is looking to substantially reduce the number of phones it releases each year. This may mean that the Galaxy S23 FE will not see the light of day until early 2024, if at all. If it does, it may not come with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor under the hood.

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