Snapchat enhances Family Center with advanced parental controls


Snapchat’s Family Center Gets New Content Controls for Parents

Snapchat’s Family Center, introduced last year, was a significant step towards allowing parents to control their children’s accounts. Today, the social app announced more improvements are coming to Family Center, which includes additional controls for parents who aren’t content with what they received in 2022.

Introducing Content Controls

The latest feature for Family Center, suggestively dubbed “Content Controls,” allows parents to limit the type of content their children can watch on Snapchat. It’s surprising that this wasn’t available when Family Center was launched last year, but at least the feature is finally here.

Particularly, the newly added controls enable parents to filter out Stories from publishers and creators that they feel are not a good match for their kids. Either they’re creating sensitive, suggestive content, or their views are in contradiction with what parents believe about a particular topic, it’s now possible to filter out Stories based on who creates them.

Preventing Unvetted Content from Going Viral

Snap’s policies are designed to prevent “unvetted content from going viral,” so it’s harder for certain content that you can find on TikTok or other social networks to become widely shared on Snapchat. Not to mention that Snap moderates public-facing content from creators and Snapchatters before it’s eligible to get reach on Stories or Spotlight.

How to Take Advantage of the Latest Feature for Family Center

To take advantage of the latest feature for Family Center, you’ll need to have an account set up with your child. The Family Center account is free and can be created in just a few minutes.

Upcoming Features for Family Center

Snap revealed plans to add even more new features to the Family Center. Some of these upcoming features will be built around My AI, Snap’s experimental chatbot, and are meant to provide parents with more visibility and control around their children’s usage of My AI. Other new features might be in the pipeline too, but these are the only ones we know of so far.

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