Transform Any Speaker into a Sonos with WiiM’s Affordable Wireless High-Resolution Audio Streamer

ffordable price, the WiiM Pro also boasts a sleek and compact design that won’t take up too much space in your setup.

Easy Setup and Compatibility

The WiiM Pro is designed to be easy to set up and use, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Simply connect the device to your existing hi-fi system using the included RCA cables, and you’re ready to start streaming music wirelessly. The device is compatible with a wide range of streaming services, including Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, and more, so you can enjoy your favorite tracks without any hassle.

High-Quality Audio

One of the standout features of the WiiM Pro is its support for high-res audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. This means you can enjoy your music in stunning detail and clarity, with no loss of quality. Whether you’re listening to your favorite album or discovering new artists, the WiiM Pro delivers an immersive and engaging listening experience.

Affordable Price

At just $149, the WiiM Pro is an incredibly affordable way to upgrade your existing hi-fi system with wireless streaming capabilities. Compared to other streaming components that can cost $1,000 or more, the WiiM Pro offers exceptional value for money without compromising on quality or features.


If you’re looking for an affordable and easy way to add wireless streaming to your existing hi-fi system, the WiiM Pro is an excellent choice. With support for high-res audio, compatibility with a wide range of streaming services, and a sleek and compact design, the WiiM Pro delivers exceptional value for money and a superior listening experience.

The WiiM Pro: A High-Quality Streamer for Multiroom Audio

The WiiM Pro is a high-quality streamer that allows you to enjoy your music in multiple rooms. It comes with analog stereo output for hooking up to your receiver or integrated amplifier’s input. Additionally, both optical and coaxial digital outputs are provided, and there are also analog stereo and optical and coaxial digital inputs.

One of the most notable features of the WiiM Pro is its ability to connect other sources such as a CD player or turntable for streaming to other systems or speakers in a multiroom setup. The WiiM Pro app steps you through grouping multiple WiiM Pros for whole-house playback, and you can also use it to wirelessly group Nest, Echo, and Apple HomePod speakers for streaming. It works with Alexa, Hey Google, and Siri, so you’ll have your choice of assistant for voice commands and control.

The WiiM Pro app also allows you to configure various music services, including Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon Music Unlimited, Pandora, Deezer, TuneIn radio, and more. With the WiiM Pro, you can enjoy your favorite music in high-quality sound throughout your home.


The WiiM Pro is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality streamer for multiroom audio. With its analog stereo output, digital outputs and inputs, and ability to connect other sources, it offers a versatile and convenient solution for streaming music throughout your home. Its compatibility with various music services and voice assistants makes it a smart and user-friendly choice. Get your WiiM Pro today and enjoy your music like never before!The WiiM Pro: Bringing High-Res Audio Streaming to the Masses

The WiiM Pro is a game-changer for those looking to add wireless high-res audio streaming to their existing stereo system. At only $149, it is the most affordable option available in the market. This streamer is perfect for those who want to upgrade their music streaming experience without breaking the bank.

The NAD CS1, priced at $349, is another affordable option, but it lacks the HDMI eARC port, analog stereo input, and app-based multiroom control that the more expensive Bluesound Node offers. The WiiM Pro, on the other hand, offers app-based multiroom playback in a $149 streamer, and it also supports the big three voice assistants for controlling playback, music selection, and volume level.

The WiiM Pro is an excellent deal, but it does have some limitations. For instance, there is no built-in Apple Music support in the control app, which means Apple Music subscribers will have to use AirPlay 2 to wirelessly cast tracks from that service to the WiiM Pro. However, this limitation does not take away from the fact that the WiiM Pro is a great way for listeners to inexpensively dive into the world of high-res audio streaming.

In conclusion, the WiiM Pro is a must-have for those who want to upgrade their music streaming experience without spending a fortune. It is an affordable option that offers app-based multiroom playback and supports the big three voice assistants. We hope to get our hands on the WiiM Pro soon and provide a review.

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Are you a tech enthusiast who also loves to bike? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get the most out of your biking experience.

Why Biking?

Biking is not only a great way to stay active and healthy, but it’s also an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Plus, it’s a fun way to explore your surroundings and get some fresh air.

Choosing the Right Bike

Before you hit the road, it’s important to choose the right bike for your needs. There are many different types of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes. Consider what type of terrain you’ll be riding on and what your goals are for biking.

Essential Gear

Safety should always be a top priority when biking. Make sure you have a properly fitting helmet and wear bright, reflective clothing to increase your visibility. Other essential gear includes a bike lock, water bottle, and repair kit.

Using Technology to Enhance Your Biking Experience

As a tech enthusiast, you can take advantage of various gadgets and apps to enhance your biking experience. GPS devices can help you navigate unfamiliar routes, while fitness trackers can monitor your progress and provide motivation. There are also apps that can help you find bike-friendly routes and track your carbon footprint.


Biking is a great way to stay active, explore your surroundings, and reduce your carbon footprint. By choosing the right bike, wearing essential gear, and using technology to enhance your experience, you can make the most out of your biking adventures. So, grab your bike and hit the road!

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