Wyze enters the gaming headset market with the release of the Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset

Wyze, a company known for its collection of wireless audio headsets, has now entered the gaming headset market with the release of the Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset. This new headset is equipped with 50mm drivers and offers ultra-low latency, providing an excellent gaming experience.

Wyze Gaming Headset

Features and Connectivity

The Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset has Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, but it also features a 2.4GHz dongle for high-octane gaming seamlessly. The 50mm drivers of the gaming headset assure a high-fidelity audio output, and they come with an affordable price tag. The new Wyze gaming headset has a decent design outlook and comes with a detachable boom microphone. It also has a second mic built into the headset directly. The gaming headset has memory foam ear pads and is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS platforms.

Compatibility and Battery Life

The Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset supports connection to popular gaming consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo. The Wyze gaming headset is a perfect gadget for quick sessions, impromptu work, or gaming sessions. It has a 600mAh battery that lasts up to 20 hours, while the device can be charged fully within 3 hours via USB-C. The 20-hour battery life for the headset enables almost all-day use.

Comfort and Price

The gaming headset is also a comfortable device to use even for extended periods. However, it does not feature noise cancellation. The new Wyze wireless gaming headset is being offered at a very affordable price. The gadget is currently retailing for $60 and can be purchased directly from the Wyze website.


The Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset is a great addition to the gaming headset market, offering high-quality audio output, compatibility with various platforms, and an affordable price tag. With its 20-hour battery life and comfortable design, it is perfect for long gaming sessions or impromptu work. Get your Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset today and experience gaming like never before!


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