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Xiaomi 13 Pro Secures 16th Place in DXOMark Camera Test Rankings.

Xiaomi 13 Pro Camera Performance: DXOMark Test Results

DXOMark is a well-known camera study that evaluates and assesses the camera capabilities of smartphones. Huawei and Honor’s smartphones are generally at the top of their lists. However, the DXOMark test results for the Xiaomi 13 Pro are now out. According to the DXOMark test, the device was ranked 16th overall and 15th in the ultra-premium category.


Display and Speaker Performance

The Xiaomi 13 Pro is ranked 17th in terms of display benchmark and 15th in terms of speaker performance. Nonetheless, the main topic we’ll be discussing is the device’s camera performance.

Camera Performance

The Xiaomi 13 Pro received 132 points out of a possible 152. DXOMark awarded 118 points for family portraits and group shots and 100 points for low-light performances. According to DXOMark, the smartphone’s overall camera performance is extremely good. It has a good level of detail, good saturation control, and is fairly good in terms of zoom. The device’s audio-recording skills are also extremely good.

However, the results also state that it struggles to capture the moment in difficult settings such as backlit scenes or low light, fails to correctly expose the image in high-contrast scenarios, and is not appropriate for recording loud voices such as concerts. They also remark that the device’s display readability is poor in direct sunlight.

Comparison with Other Smartphones

According to DXOMark, the Honor Magic5 Pro is currently the best-performing smartphone in terms of camera, followed by the Huawei Mate 50 Pro. The Google Pixel 7 Pro is ranked third, followed by the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. Also, according to their website, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra and Xiaomi 13 Pro perform nearly identically, with the same score of 136 points and ranked 16th.


The Xiaomi 13 Pro has a great camera performance, but it has some limitations in certain settings. DXOMark is a reliable source for evaluating smartphone cameras, and their results should be taken into consideration when choosing a smartphone. Do you believe DXOMark ratings? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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