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Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro Certified by Bluetooth Sig Prior to Global Release

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro: Global Launch Imminent?

Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro in China back in August 2022. However, the earbuds have not yet hit the market shelves. Xiaomi finally unveiled the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro on the global stage at MWC 2023. Although the brand has not announced when we can expect them to be available, the earbuds have now appeared on certification websites, hinting that it could happen sooner rather than later.

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro

Bluetooth 5.3 Connectivity

The Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro has been spotted on Bluetooth SIG with the model number M2126E1. It reveals that the device uses Bluetooth 5.3 for connectivity. The listing does not disclose any other features, however, we already know all there is to know about these upcoming earbuds as Xiaomi has officially disclosed all the details.

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro

Active Noise Cancellation and Dimensional Audio Capabilities

The Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro earbuds incorporate active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, which can reduce noise levels by up to 48 dB. Additionally, they feature dimensional audio capabilities, which detect head movements and adjust the sound for a more precise and realistic audio experience.

Comfortable Fit and Long Battery Life

The earbuds are stored in a secure case, which resembles a “space capsule.” They come with soft LSR-made ear tips in three different sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit. The “Intelligent Fit Monitoring” feature enhances comfort further. These earbuds can connect to two devices at once and offer up to 9 hours of battery life without the case. The charging case can provide a total of up to 38 hours of battery life.

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro

High-Quality Audio and Water-Resistant Design

Bluetooth 5.3 provides reliable connectivity, while SBC/AAC/LHDC 4.0 codecs and 11mm dual-magnetic dynamic drivers ensure high-quality audio. The earbuds are dust and water-resistant (IP54) and have a 3Mic+ bone voiceprint sensor, making voice calls clear. There are also three transparency modes for ambient sound listening. The ear handle supports pressure-sensitive operation for switching between noise reduction modes, music, and call control.

Pricing and Availability

The Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro earbuds retail for 1,099 yuan (~$163) in China and £249 in the UK.

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