Zero SR-X: The Future of Electric Motorcycles?

Zero has recently released impressive footage of their latest concept e-bike, the Zero SR-X. Based on the Zero SRS motorcycle, this all-electric two-wheeler boasts a futuristic design that promises to appeal to sustainability-focused fans of the Zero brand.

Zero SR-X Electric Motorcycle

A Collaborative Effort

The Zero SR-X was developed in collaboration with Huge-Design, and the designers prioritized clean lines, high performance, and aesthetic appeal. The e-bike is equipped with the ZF75-10 drivetrain, which delivers a peak output of 110Hp and 190 Nm of torque. It also has a lithium-ion battery with a 17.3kWh capacity.

What We Know So Far

While there are still several key details lacking for the SR-X, such as performance metrics like acceleration, top speed, range, and charging time, Zero claims that the SR-X will offer a glimpse into the near future of electric motorcycles. It is unclear when the Zero SR-X will transition into a production model, but whenever that happens, we expect it to make a big impact on the market.


The Zero SR-X concept e-bike is an impressive addition to the Zero brand’s lineup, and its futuristic design and sporty look are sure to turn heads. While we wait for more information on the SR-X’s performance metrics and production timeline, we can’t help but be excited about the future of electric motorcycles.


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